In a Different Light - part two

(continued from part one)

As it turned out, Todd's next chance to have some fun with Seth came sooner than he'd expected. When he woke up the next morning, he threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and found his two younger brothers in the living room, watching Sunday morning cartoons. They were both still in their JPs. Even though it wasn't cold, Seth had dragged a blanket from his bed with him and was snuggled comfortable in it on the couch, while Cory was sitting in the big chair.

"Morning, boys," Todd said.

Cory was so absorbed in his cartoon he barely mumbled a greeting, but Seth gave Todd a warm smile and said, "Good morning." Todd sat on the couch next to him and they cuddled together with the blanket covering their lap. Todd put his arm around Seth and, without hesitation, plunged his hand right into his PJ bottom and started fondling his little package through his underwear. Seth gasped, looked up at him and giggled. He was about to say something but Todd gave him a complicit look that said "be quiet." Cory glanced at them for a second, but since they were underneath the blanket he couldn't see where Todd's hands were. He went back to looking at the TV.

It didn't take long for Seth's little dick to get hard. Todd put his hand inside his underwear and started masturbating it slowly between his thumb and two fingers. Seth was looking at the TV, but he didn't seem to be paying much attention to it. Every once in a while he would squirm a little in Todd's arms and stifle a laugh. Todd was keeping an eye on Cory to make sure he wasn't paying any attention to them. After a few minutes, Seth got very serious and Todd felt his breathing change. Todd could see the pleasure on his little brother's face as he experienced the new sensations coursing through his young body. Every once in a while, he would move his head back, close his eyes and take a deep breath. When he let out a soft moan, Todd was sure that Cory would turn to look at them and ask what was going on, but thankfully Cory didn't seem to notice.

Todd knew that Seth would climax soon if he kept masturbating him and he didn't want that to happen while his other brother was in the same room or they were sure to get caught. So he stopped massaging his brother's hard little cock, though he kept his hand in his underwear and just caressed it softly. He knew that just stopping abruptly would have been cruel. From the way his brother kept pushing his crotch into his hand, he knew he wanted him to keep going, but Todd moved his hand away when the episode of whatever was on TV ended. He gave his brother a kiss on the head and whispered to him, "We'll continue later." Later, Todd jerked himself off in the shower.

Several days passed before Todd got a chance to do anything else with Seth. During the school week, the mornings were too busy and frantic for any intimate moments. And after school, Todd couldn't seem to get any alone time with Seth. He thought about going in the bathroom while he was in the bath again, but he thought his mom might suspect something was going on if he made a habit of it.

Finally, on Thursday, Todd got lucky. His parents had something planned that evening and had asked him to look after his brothers until they returned. It was about 6:30 when they left. The boys usually went to bed at 8:30, but Todd thought he could push it until 9. His parents wouldn't be home until 10.

Seth and Cory went to their room to play and Todd left them alone while he came up with the best plan of action. He couldn't just lock himself into a room with Seth and leave Cory alone, so he came up with a game idea that would allow him to play with both boys, while giving Seth some special attention without Cory noticing.

He went to his brothers' room and asked if they wanted to play a game with him. He didn't play with them often, so they immediately said yes and were both excited. He said he would allow them to stay up past their bedtime if they promised not to tell mom and dad about it, which of course they agreed to. Then he said they had to get ready for bed now and change into their PJs now so they wouldn't have to interrupt their playtime before bedtime. They agreed to that as well. As they got undresses, Todd was able to enjoy the sight of these two cute boys in their underwear. All his attention had been focused on Seth lately, but he took a good look at Cory and had to admit that he was also very sexy. Neither boy was anywhere near puberty, but Cory's three extra years made a big difference. His body was slightly more mature, the muscles more sharply defined, and he had none of the hints of baby fat that could still be seen on Seth's more immature body. Todd could not help but wonder what Cory's erect penis would look like and whether it was much bigger than Seth's. He hoped to find out soon enough.

Once the boys were in their PJs, they wanted to know what game Todd had in mind. He suggested a game of hide and seek, but to make things more exciting, he said they should turn off all the lights in the house and play in the dark.

"That sounds scary," Seth said.

"Well, that's part of the fun," Todd replied. "I'll play the tickle monster and you have to hide from me."

Seth and Cory both agreed to play Todd's game. They turned off all the lights in the house and then the two younger boys went to hide. Todd crept around the house looking for the boys. Whenever he found them, he played the part of the tickle monster, which caused them to giggle and squirm until he let them go and they ran off to hide somewhere else. He did this to both Seth and Cory, and with both boys this allowed him to let his hands explore the their young bodies. With Cory, he did this very subtly, though he still managed to do some "accidental" groping of his private parts. With Seth, he allowed himself to be more blatant, going straight for his crotch and openly fondling him. By the second time he caught him, Seth's little cock was hard. Todd caught him from behind and let one hand slip inside the front of his PJ bottoms. He masturbated him for a few seconds, while letting his other hand underneath Seth's top and caressing his chest. Meanwhile, Todd's own hard cock, still trapped inside his pants, was pressed against Seth's butt.

After that, it was obvious that Seth wasn't making much effort to hide from him. He always returned to the same obvious hiding places and allowed himself to be easily caught. Seth didn't make a sound while Todd masturbated him, which allowed them to spend more time together while Cory thought Todd was still looking for them. Then, after a minute or two, Todd would let go of Seth's little penis and start tickling him and making him laugh loudly, so that Cory would think he'd just caught him.

They went through the same routine a couple more times, then Todd was surprised to find Seth lying on his back, with his PJ pants and underwear already down to his knees and his hard nail sticking straight up in the darkness. Todd wondered if Seth had been playing with himself while he waited for him. Still playing the part of the tickle monster, Todd got down on his hands and knees and started sniffing his whole body like some kind of animal. When he got to his crotch, he sniff around for a bit, taking in his brother's sweet boy smell, then he heard Seth gasp as he put his mouth around his throbbing little dick.

Todd had never sucked cock before, but he'd spent so much time fantasizing about having his brother's cock in his mouth that it almost seemed like a familiar sensation. He knew exactly how to make his brother feel good with his mouth. Careful not to use his teeth, he wrapped his lips tightly against the little shaft and moved his head up and down, slowly at first and gradually picking up speed. Occasionally, he took his mouth off Seth's dick to suck on his tight nut sack, then lick his way slowly up the pole, all the way to the tip. This seemed to drive Seth crazy, as he moved his hips and tried to shove his little cock back into Todd's mouth. Todd enjoyed teasing his little brother like that. Thought neither of them said a word, Seth's body language was clear - he was practically begging him to go back to sucking his cock. Todd had complete control over his brother, as only he could provide the satisfaction that he so desperately needed.

Using his hand, Todd pulled Seth's foreskin back and licked the sensitive exposed head until it was glistening with his saliva. He took only the tip of Seth's cock in his mouth and kept using his tongue to stimulate the head. His brother was squirming and making little whimpering sounds, bucking his hips and trying to force more of his cock into Todd's mouth. This was almost turning into torture. Finally, Todd gave his brother what he wanted. Using all his facial muscles to hold Seth's dick as tightly as he could between his lips, he took the whole thing in then started furiously pumping his mouth over it, as hard and as fast as he could. Suddenly, Seth inhaled sharply and his whole body went stiff. Todd felt the little cock twitch in his mouth and heard his brother cry out in pleasure as an almost violent orgasm shook his entire body. Todd had to cover his mouth with his hand to keep him quiet until his cock stopped spasming.

Finally, Seth calmed down, panting. Todd let his softening penis slip out of his mouth. He could barely see his brother's face in the dark, but he could tell that his eyes were closed. Gently, he brushed his sweat-soaked hair to the side and kissed him on the forehead, then held him in his arms. Seth's breathing evened out and soon he was fast asleep.

Todd heard some movement in the next room. He realized that he'd completely lost track of time. He heard Cory call out to them, wondering where they were. Quickly, Todd pulled Seth's PJs back up, careful not to wake him. By the time Cory walked into the room and turned on the light, Todd was able to pretend that he had just found Seth asleep behind the couch. He picked him up and carried him to bed.

It was only 8:30 and Cory had not forgotten his brother's promise to let him stay up half-an-hour past their bedtime, so he and Todd watched TV together for a while. As much as Todd liked spending time with his brother, all he could think about was his raging hard-on that was desperately needing release. As soon as Cory was off to bed, Todd hurried to his room, got completely naked and lied down on his bed. He barely had time to start stroking his cock before it exploded into the most powerful orgasm Todd had ever experienced, spraying cum all over his himself.

Over the next few days, Todd was again unable to get any time alone with Seth. On a couple of occasions, he was able to steal a few quick gropes, just long enough to feel his little brother's dick get hard, but he had to be careful not to get caught. As much as he enjoyed feeling his brother up at any chance he got, these quick encounters were not only risky but also frustrating, because Todd wanted to do so much more. He could tell that Seth was also craving more physical contact. He was always hovering around Todd, frequently hugging him or cuddling with him on the couch. This kind of physical intimacy with Seth wasn't overtly sexual and to an outside observer would've looked like perfectly normal behaviour between brothers who loved each other. But for Todd these moments were intensely erotic, because he knew they were the expression of a much deeper desire. And of course as a constantly horny 14-year-old, it didn't take much for him to get hard. Todd felt like he was spending most of his time at home lusting after his little brother while trying to hide his erection from the rest of his family. Often he had to go relieve himself in the bathroom or in his room, and by the end of the day his balls were aching from the constant teasing.

One night, after everyone else had gone to bed, Todd was on his way back from the bathroom and when he walked in front of his brothers's room he heard Seth call out to him quietly. He tiptoed into the room. Cory seemed to be asleep in his own bed, but Seth was wide awake. Todd knelt down next to his bed and asked what was up.

"I can't sleep," Seth answered in a whisper. "Can you play with my wiener for a bit?"

Todd's heart was racing. He was afraid of waking Cory up, but he couldn't resist Seth's invitation. He slipped one hand under the covers and found that his brother had already pulled down his PJs and was rock hard.

"Okay, but you have to be really quiet," Todd whispered as he started masturbating his brother. He kept an eye on Cory, making sure his breathing stayed regular and he wasn't moving. After about a minute, he heard Seth whisper again.

"Todd? Could you do it with your mouth like you did last time?"

"I don't know, Seth. I really want to, but Cory might wake up and see us."

"Please? He's not going to wake up."

Hesitantly, Todd pushed the covers aside, revealing Seth's little erection, then with one last look at Cory's bed, he bent down and started sucking on it. When he heard Seth moan softly, he remembered how out of control he'd been when Todd gave him his first dry orgasm. He interrupted his blowjob and whispered in Seth's ear: "If you want me to keep going, let's go over to my room." Seth smiled and nodded. He pulled his PJ up and quietly got out of bed. Then the two of them carefully tip-toed out of the room and over to Todd's room.

As soon as Todd had closed the door behind them, Seth got completely undressed and got into Todd's bed. Todd had never seen anyone shed their clothes so fast.

"Well, I guess I better get naked too, then," he said. Seth looked at him with a big grin on his face and waited for him to undress. So far, all their sex games had involved Todd playing with his little brother's cock. Seth had never seen his big brother's erection. His eyes widened as soon as he saw Todd's bouncing five inches.

"Whoa," he exclaimed, "it's huge! Can I play with it?"

"Yeah, of course you can. But we still have to be quiet. Keep your voice down or we'll wake up the whole house."

Todd got on the bed and Seth seemed to forget all about his own little erection as he focused his attention on his brother's teenage cock. Todd was harder than he'd ever been as he watched Seth reach for his boner. It jumped when he touched it and Todd gasped. It was the first time anyone but himself touched his hard cock, and it sent a bolt of electricity traveling through his entire body.

Since Seth's dick was too small for Todd to wrap his fist around it, he usually masturbated him using only two fingers and his thumb. This was the only way Seth had ever seen it done, so he did the same thing to his big brother now. Todd was so horny that even this light touch was threatening to send him over the edge any minute, but he showed his brother how to wrap his hand around it and give him a proper handjob. It was so hot seeing Seth's small hand on his cock. It made his hard on look monstrously big in comparison.

Seth started pumping his dick. Todd knew he wouldn't be able to last very long, but he was too horny to turn back. He wanted his seven-year-old brother to make him cum.

"Hold it tighter," he said. "You're not gonna hurt it." Seth tightened his grip on his cock and after just a couple more strokes it started spasming and jets of hot cum flew into the air. It took Seth completely by surprise. He let go of Todd's cock and backed away from it, but not fast enough. Some of Todd's cum landed on Seth's chest and chin, while the rest of it covered his own naked body.

When he was done cumming, Todd looked at his brother and realized that he was completely freaked out by what had just happened. He had a look of disgust on his face as he starred at the globs of hot liquid that had landed on his body.

"Ewww!" he exclaimed. "Todd, you peed on me!"

"Shhhh. Seth, relax. Calm down. It's not pee. I'm sorry, I should've warned you."

He reached over for the box of tissues beside his bed and cleaned the cum off of Seth's body, then he cleaned himself up.

"Look," he said. "It's not pee. It's cum."

"What's that?"

"Sperm. It's the stuff that you make when you're older and you have an orgasm."

"A what?"

Todd realized that Seth really had no idea how sex worked. He knew he should have explained all this stuff beforehand, but he'd been so caught up in the moment and horny that he hadn't been able to stop himself.

"An orgasm," he repeated. "You know that really great feeling you got the other day when I sucked on your penis? The one at the end that sent really good sensations all over your body?"


"Well, that was an orgasm. I don't know if you noticed it, but when it happened, your penis was twitching, just like mine did just now, only nothing came out of it because you're too young. When you get older and you start growing hair around you dick, your body's going to start producing sperm and it'll come out whenever you have an orgasm."

Todd figured he'd save the part about making babies for another day.

"I'm really sorry, buddy. I didn't mean to cum all over you. I should've warned you." Seth had calmed down, though he still looked pretty unsure about what had just happened. Todd noticed his penis had gone soft. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay. It just scared me."

"I'm really, really sorry. It's my fault."

"It's okay."

"Do you still want me to suck on your dick, or do you want to go back to bed? It's getting pretty late."

"Yeah, I'm sleepy. But can we do it tomorrow?"

Todd was relieved to hear his brother say that. For a moment, he'd been afraid that Seth wouldn't want to play with him anymore after what happened.

"Of course we can. We can do it anytime you want, as long as we're careful about not getting caught. You know you can't ever let anybody find out about this, right?"

"Yeah, I know."

"All right, then. Off to bed, little bro."

Seth put his PJs back on. Just before heading out of the room, he turned his head back and said, "Love you, Todd."

"I love you too, Seth."

(continued in part three)

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