Secrets of the Bride

by Alexi92  

"Why did you want to see me?" asked the new Mrs. Sheila Jayce. Her white wedding gown clung to the tight curves of her body. The wedding had gone off without a hitch and the reception would start soon.

"I just wanted to tell you you're the most beautiful woman in the world," Brad said. Before she could respond he kissed his bride. Sheila's knees went weak at the intensity of his body against hers. She had been feeling horny all day, her lust pent up since the bachelorette party the night before.

Sheila was, to be quite frank, a slut. Her C cup breasts, well toned ass, and lean physique coupled with a beautiful face and long blonde hair attracted every man who saw her. And every man she attracted she fucked. She had few friends, all lesbians since the heterosexual ones had long since abandoned her for fucking their husbands or boyfriends. She always dreamt about one cock, a special cock that could satisfy her fierce desires. But until then she fucked every man that would have her, eager to feel her body filled with the meat of a large cock.

Then she met Brad Jayce. She liked Brad, he was smart and rich. He wasn't attractive to a casual observer but that was only because he was constantly trying to hide, so no one got a good look at his face. He was a little shy around women but she had gotten past that. Her friend Haylee thought Brad needed a good fucking so she set him up with Sheila. The two hit it off from the start and Sheila found herself talking with him for the entire night. It continued on their subsequent dates, she would always intend to fuck him but ended up doing no more than kissing.

The relationship was built on deceit. Although Sheila was fond of Brad she continued to fuck around. He was never aware of it, but any night they didn't have something planned she would dress up in a revealing outfit, travel to an out of town bar, and act like a trashy whore. By the crack of dawn every man there had deposited cum in her cunt or mouth. Sheila would drive home, the large deposit of cum in her body oozing onto the car seat.

After a quick shower she would meet up with Brad and they would spend the rest of the day together. They would never get beyond kissing. By the end of one of their dates she was so horny she would fuck anything. After he dropped her off she dashed off and picked up a few guys to gang bang her through the night. A long night was spent with her mouth wrapped around a stranger's cock while his friends rammed her cunt.

After a while Sheila began to realize she was falling for Brad. When she was with him she would act like a perfect lady, waiting for him to make his move. He never did.

So Sheila continued her trysts with strangers, satiating her sexual hunger for a day, just long enough to seem like a normal woman when she was with Brad. Letting strange men fuck her greedy cunt raw while giving Brad nothing. She felt guilty about it but that guilt was always washed away, replaced by her burning desire to have a man pump her pussy like a jackhammer. Much of her time was spent with men as they treated her like a fuck toy, mauling her large tits with their hands and roughly pressing their long cocks into her wet cunt.

The rest of the time she spent with Brad. Her attraction developed to love and they were almost inseparable. They could talk for hours and not get bored or simply spend time in the other's quiet company. And then one day Brad asked her to marry him. Sheila wept for joy as he placed the engagement ring on her finger.

Then she excused herself to go to the bathroom and fucked one of the off-duty waiters in the parking lot, the ring weighing heavily on her finger even as her dress was pulled up to her waist. She almost wept with sorrow when the young man shot his cum into her pussy, her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him toward her as he pushed her body into the car hood she was reclining on.

Being engaged didn't make her less of a slut, only more guilty about cheating on Brad. She couldn't stand to have the ring on her finger when she went out to fuck other men. She promised herself that once they were married she would cut it out, relying on Brad alone to satisfy her cravings.

She counted down the days until she could be a one man woman, able to give herself totally to Brad, be there for him completely just as he was for her. Her friends threw her a bachelorette party, although they were at a loss what to do for entertainment, being lesbians and all. They ended up hiring a pair of male strippers, well muscled men who bumped and ground into Sheila's face.

It should be said in her defense that Sheila tried her hardest to resist her growing passion, to hold out for one more day until her honeymoon. She had gone without a good fuck, or a bad one, for six days. Her friends knew she was trying to keep from cheating on Brad for at least a week before she married him. They saw the discomfort on Sheila's face and summarily dismissed the men.

That night Sheila masturbated for hours, imagining that Brad was fucking her cunt. She never had bought a vibrator since she could get a cock whenever she wanted. She cursed herself for not having one. Her hands clumsily played with herself, caressing the mound she so desperately wanted to quiet.

Her thoughts turned to what married life would bring. Hope, a new future, stability. She knew damn well that her life couldn't continue as it had, it was a downward spiral leading to nothing but self-destruction. That she had been able to find someone like Brad to take care of her was a godsend. She could only hope she didn't screw it up by cheating on him. She didn't want to do that. She didn't want to hurt him and she definitely didn't want to lose him.

There were so many ways to temptation. If Brad left her home alone for a few days or if he had a friend who came on to her. She was weak, she knew it, there was no way she could hold out forever. But she was determined to make it work. Even if she could only be his wife for a short time it was more than she deserved.

The next day she walked down the aisle. Her friends, family, and some of the groom's associates balked at her white dress. Through the entire ceremony Sheila wondered how long the marriage would last, she gave it three months, less if he ever found out about her past.

When the pastor finished the ceremony Brad pulled back the veil covering her face and kissed her. Although they had kissed many times before, Sheila felt something more this time. The kiss was more powerful, as though he had been holding back before. It was like nothing she had ever experienced.

They went to the banquet hall in the back of a limousine. Sheila nearly attacked Brad, pulling the tuxedo jacket from his chest. She clamped her mouth to his and felt the thrill she expierienced prior. Brad continued to kiss her but forcefully held onto her hands, keeping her from undressing him.

"Tonight," he said. "Traditionally we should wait for our wedding night."

"Screw tradition," Sheila groaned.

But in the end he convinced her to wait, leaving her hornier than she had been before. She could feel it, racing through her blood and filling her body.

At the banquet hall she and her three friends prepared while her mother and sister-in-law took care of some last minute details. Sheila complained to her friends of her desires.

"I just can't take it any more. I have to get fucked and it has to be soon or I'm going to rape Brad in the middle of the reception."

"You know," Haylee, Sheila's bridesmaid, said, "we can help you cum if you really need to."

The other women in the room all nodded in agreement but Sheila shook her head.

"It's not the same. I need a cock."

"But you've resisted a week, just wait a few more hours," said Joy.

"That's a week of continually rising yearning," reminded Haylee. "But Joy's right. You've been saving yourself for him and it would be a shame if you gave up now."

Lisa snorted loudly and everyone turned to look at her.

"Saving herself, yeah right. She's been with more men than everyone else in this room combined."

"So has Mother Theresa, what's your point Lisa?" Joy asked crossly.

"Well it's not like Sheila's been keeping from the men since she's known Brad. She's fucked, what? A couple hundred guys since she's known him? And I bet half of that was after they got engaged. What difference is it going to make if she just fucks some guy now?"

"She's married now," said Joy.

"She was engaged before. I would think that the commitment level should be the same. Being engaged is supposed to be a commitment of monogamy. If she's not going to respect the commitment then I don't see why she's going to respect it now."

"You don't know what you're talking about," said Haylee.

"I don't? This isn't about whether you prefer dick or pussy, it's about commitment issues. If you've already cheated on Brad, why does a certificate from the government change your attitude?"

"She's got a point," said Haylee.

"No she doesn't. Just because Sheila was a slut before doesn't mean she can't stop."

Sheila hoped it was true.

"You've heard her talk before. She doesn't want to cheat on Brad now that they're married."

"All I want to know," said Lisa, "is what makes today different than two weeks ago? We know she's been in love with Brad for at least a few months, so why was it okay for her to cheat on Brad when she was in love with him two weeks ago, but not today."

"It wasn't okay." Her friends stared at her. Sheila had said it with such pain that they couldn't help but feel sorry for their friend. "I don't deserve to be with Brad, he's such a nice guy, sweet and quiet. I've betrayed him so much I can't even remember how many times. I've never been his and only his. I've cheated him from that. But I don't want to lose him. I don't want him to leave. I can't imagine what my life would be like if he left.

"I want to dedicate the rest of my life to him and only him. Now that he's willing to fuck me I want to make sure he's getting everything I can give him. It's like... It's like I was starving but the only restaurant whose food I wanted to eat wasn't open so I had to eat from other restaurants. But now that it's open I never want to eat anywhere else."

"That's the stupidest thing I ever head," said Joy. "We're talking about sex, not food. People like Brad, they attach some sort of huge emotional attachment to sex. He's going to see your cheating as proof that you didn't have the same emotional attachment as he did to you. Rather than devote that attachment to him you gave it freely to other people. His lack of sexual experience was because he wanted to save his emotional attachment for someone he loved so totally that he didn't mind giving such an incredible gift to her, to you. To use your restaurant analogy, it would be as if you just praised a meal at McDonalds and then ate four star French Cuisine. No matter how much more the French Cuisine meant to you than the McDonalds your praise wouldn't be appreciated by the chef since you also praised something as meaningless as McDonalds.

"You're just lucky that he was the one that didn't want to have sex until you were married. If you denied him sex but it turned out that you fucked other people he would have believed that it meant that you valued him so little that you considered him less than the total strangers."

Lucy shook her head. "No I think he'll see it like this. You were willing to fuck so many other people that the act means nothing and so when you have sex with him it means nothing. The restaurant was open and you've eaten at McDonalds so many times that when you eat the French cuisine it's just because you felt like a change, not because you had a love of French Cuisine. Seven hundred meals at McDonalds and one of French Cuisine doesn't make it seem like you love French Cuisine."

"Either way you come off bad," said Haylee.

"So what should I do?"

Haylee sighed. "Nothing you can do. It's all in the past. Just keep from fucking anyone like you've done this week and hope he forgives you when he finds out."

Lisa and Joy agreed.

"But what about a time like now? I haven't been fucked for a week and I'm almost doubled over in desire. I'd do almost anything for a cock in me right now? Brad says he won't fuck me until after the reception."

"I don't know," admitted Haylee.

Lisa did. "What would you do if you were starving and the restaurant you wanted to eat at was open but wasn't serving food for a few more hours?"

"I'd go somewhere else for a quick snack and the come back to the restaurant for a full course," said Joy. She realized what that meant and her eyes grew wide.

So did Haylee's. "You're suggesting she cheat on Brad? On their wedding day?"

"Like I said, if she's been cheating on him ever since the day they met I don't think it's that huge a leap if she cheats on him today. She fucked that waiter ten minutes after she got engaged, remember? If all those people meant nothing to her next to Brad why should one more today make any difference? For all we know Brad's going to be a horrible fuck and she'll end up fucking the bellboys on the honeymoon.

"And she's a nervous wreck. I say she feeds her hunger now so she can behave like a perfect lady in front of him until the honeymoon and from then on, having a constant dick to straddle, she stays faithful."

"I can't listen to this anymore," Haylee said and left the room. Joy and Lucy soon followed suit leaving Sheila to ponder whether she should hold out for another twelve more hours until she could have the cock she really wanted or if she should placate the lust that threatened to tear her apart but with someone else.

Sheila leaned back in her chair and breathed deeply. She loved Brad but she was so horny. Why couldn't he have just fucked her? Her hands began to rub her crotch through the material of her dress. It was a bad idea. She moaned, the stimulation to her pussy, no matter how dull, was only serving to inflame her libido.

She closed her eyes and rubbed harder. The sound of the door opening and being shut didn't penetrate her concentration. But when one of the men coughed Sheila was so surprised she jumped.

There were two waiters, dressed in their white jackets and black pants, staring at her. One of them had a beard, the other an earring. Beard and Earring.

"Hello Mrs. Jayce," said Beard calmly. "I couldn't help but hear your conversation. Don't worry, me and my friend are here to help."

At first Sheila was confused. Then the two men began to unbutton their pants and she was blessed with enlightenment. Their pants and underwear fell to their ankles. Sheila couldn't help but stare at their cocks, seven inch long flaccid cocks. She could just imagine what they would feel like hard and shoved in her cunt, filling her sex with their long shafts.

Brad seemed like he was a million miles away.

"You like what you see?" asked Beard. "You want it up your cunt?"

Sheila nodded mutely.

"Then crawl over here and suck them hard," Beard commanded darkly.

Sheila fell on her knees, adjusting her wedding dress so she could crawl properly. On all fours she made her way to the grinning waiters. She propped herself up on her knees and took hold of both cocks in her hands. The cocks began to stiffen and she licked the tip of each playfully. She would spend a short time sucking on one and then switch to the other. The cocks gleamed with Sheila's saliva covering them. Back and forth she went, her lips extended around a cock, noisily sucking on it with hollowed cheeks, massaging the other with her hand.

"That's it slut," said Earring. "You love our cocks don't you?"

"Mmmm", moaned Sheila around his cock. Soon both cocks were rock hard and a full nine inches in length.

"Good job slut," said Beard. "Now turn your ass around so we can fuck your cunt."

Sheila turned. The only sound in the room was the shuffling of her hands and knees and the slight ping of a metal wedding ring hitting the floor. She raised her rear in the air, presenting it to the two men. Beard hoisted up her dress and exposed her moist cunt and ass.

"Shit," exclaimed Earring. "This bitch isn't wearing any panties."

"She's a real slut," agreed Beard. "Who else would want to get fucked by two strangers on her wedding day?"

Beard forced his cock between the lips of her cunt. It met no resistance and was even helped by her juices. His entire nine inches plunged into her and he began pumping his cock into her sex with wild abandon.

"Shit she's fucking loose. You like cocks don't you slut?"

"Yess," Sheila hissed. "Give it to me."

"God damn it, I want to do something."

"Then do her mouth, I'm busy."


Earring shoved his cock in Sheila's face, poking her in the nose with his hard member. "Suck it bitch."

Sheila opened her mouth and Earring shoved his cock past her tongue until it pressed against the back of her throat. Her mouth clamped down on the large member, her lips forming a ring around the shaft. Earring grabbed her hair to hold up her head and fucked her face.

She squirmed, pushing back on the cock attending her cunt, trying to fuck back, eager to impale herself on the large rod. Her tongue tasted Earring's cock, covering it with saliva as it pistoned in her mouth. She let her tongue trace the bottom of the moving cock, rubbing against the small bit of skin where the head meets the shaft...

"Fuck!" The cock in her mouth shot out a stream of semen into the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly, careful not to choke. Sheila milked the cock dry, not letting it pop out of her mouth until she tasted as much cum as she could. She wasn't quite good enough, the cock shot out a small jet which fell to the floor in front of her.

Beard's cock proceeded to pound into Sheila's cunt. She was already beginning to feel her body climax. She let loose with a loud orgasm, spasming with a cock in her.

"Yeah bitch, I'm going to cum."

"Give it to me! Cum in my body!"


Sheila felt the warm deposit of cum shoot into her cunt. Beard pulled out, a small string of white goo connecting the tip of his cock to her gaping pussy. It snapped and splattered on Sheila's thigh. Sheila turned to thank the bearded waiter.

Behind him, standing in the doorway, Brad's sister, Sheila's sister-in-law, stared at the horrific sight before her with quiet shock. Her hands covered her mouth afraid to speak.

Brad's sister ran out of the room before anyone could stop her.

Sheila hurriedly smoothed out her dress and her hair, fixing both as best she could. The dress hid the trickle of cum running down her leg, thank god for small miracles. Taking a deep, worried breath she ran after her sister-in- law.

She shot past waiters, catering staff, and a few early guests. Maybe she could reason with her sister-in- law, explain what had happened. Not likely. Sheila couldn't believe she was going to loose everything so soon. If only she had waited for the wedding night. She had hoped for at least a few months as Brad's wife, now it didn't look like she'd get a few hours. Damn her libido! Damn it to all hell! She didn't.. She wasn't... God, please don't take Brad away.

When she found Brad's sister she was talking with Brad. Sheila got a sinking feeling.

Brad's sister was raving in hushed tones and Brad was laughing. Laughing, that was a good sign. Maybe he didn't believe his sister or she was talking about something else.

Sheila approached them carefully, as if being careful now would make up for past mistakes. Brad spotted her.

"Sheila hon, my sister says she saw you..."

Brad's eyes narrowed. Sheila held her breath, she had seen him do this before. If need be Brad could be capable of almost perfect analysis. He looked at his bride and she mentally quaked. His gaze focused on her hand. Sheila looked down, there was nothing out of the ordinar...y.... Her wedding ring was covered in cum. It must have fallen on there when Earring shot that load on the floor.

Sheila threw herself on Brad, crying into his chest. She admitted everything; her past, the two waiters, the waiter on the day they got engaged, the out of town bars, the men she'd been with since they'd been engaged, even the restaurant analogy.

Brad and his sister were stunned. Never had they expected something of that magnitude.

"Please don't leave me," Sheila sobbed. "Anything, I'll do anything. I need you."

"I'm getting an annulment," Brad said. He turned and walked away.

His sister followed after him but turned and spat out ",Slut."

Sheila collapsed to her knees hysterical. Too soon, she had lost him too soon. If only she had waited a little longer. The greatest thing to happen to her life and she had blown it for a quick fuck. She wanted to die. Her vision, blurred by tears, looked down at her wedding ring, a symbol of what might have been. She took it off and put it in her mouth, washing it. When she licked the cum from the metal she spit it into her hands and hugged it to her breast.

Brad and his sister sent most of the guests home. A few stayed behind to help out with whatever, mainly Sheila's friends who tsk-tsked themselves silly. Brad and his sister holed up in her motor-home in the banquet hall's parking lot, neither trusting the shattered groom to be alone or behind the wheel.

Sheila's friends eventually got her to stand up and sat her down at one of the many decorated tables. She didn't stop crying though. After a while her body ran out of tears and she sat in a daze, unsure if she wanted to go on. A tall, almost Amazonian, woman with black hair sat down next to her. Sheila looked at her and stared with a dead look in her eyes.

"You're Sheila, right? Yeah, my name's Tammy. I'm Brad's ex-girlfriend."

"Brad," whispered Sheila painfully.

"Yeah, the one you fucked around on. Like I said, I used to go with Brad. I'm the only one he ever fucked."

Sheila's head snapped up and she stared at the woman. She was tall, about the same size as Brad. Her breasts weren't huge but nothing to shake a stick at.

"And what a fuck. I know you never fucked him. And probably never will. Anyway I just wanted to thank you. See Brad kind of ruined me for other men. His cock is huge, inhuman in its length and width. When he put it in me I thought I'd burst. Pain ripped through me like a chainsaw. But turns out he's got a knack for the whole fucking scheme. Even with my cunt stretched to painful limits I came seven times. Seven fucking times. Most incredible orgasms I ever had too. After we broke up I found that no other man could do it for me. Fortunately I'm bi and have other options available to me, but to this day I can't fuck a man without thinking how much better it would be with Brad. We talked about it later when we became friends and he got really scared. He vowed to never fuck another woman for fear of ruining them for other men. He said he wouldn't have sex until he met the one, the one woman he knew he would spend the rest of his life with and could never ruin since she wouldn't go on to other men. When I heard he was getting married I got worried, thought I might never get a chance to fuck him again. So anyway, thanks for fucking him over. I figure now with the rebound state he's in I might be able to get a retry. Thanks."

The woman stood up and left. Sheila began to cry again. She had never thought of that. What if Brad had been the one? The one who could finally abate her libido. It made her loss seem so much worse.

The banquet hall eventually closed down and Sheila had to leave. She stood in front of the building in her wedding dress. Her hand held tightly to the wedding ring, tears still raining down her face. Joy stood with her, unwilling to leave her friend alone in such a miserable state.

A yellow sports car screeched to a halt in front of them. The passenger side window opened allowing them a glance inside.

"How much?" a voice in the car asked.

Joy tried to peer at the driver. "How much for what?"

"How much for the whore."

"She's not a whore," Joy snapped.

"I know a whore when I see one. How much?"

"Get out of here," Joy yelled angrily.

But Sheila was leaning into the window. She had recognized the voice and was eager to see its source.


"Hello Sheila."

"Oh God Brad, I'm so sorry. Please give me a second chance. I couldn't help myself. I didn't mean to. I... Please Brad, I need you. I can't go on without you. I'll change. I'll only be with you. I...Oh god... please... please...just one chance..."

"I didn't come here for a blubbering idiot. Get in."

Sheila almost tore the door open. She jumped in the car and stared at Brad. The car sped away.

"First things first. I love you Sheila."

"And I love you Brad. More than anything."

"Whatever. I love you but you hurt me. Bad. I don't know if I can ever recover. It occurs to me that I loved the person I thought you were. I don't know who the hell you are, you hid that from me. So do I really love you? I don't know. I'm not sure I've got what it takes to find out.

"But I loved you. I felt something I never felt before. And the knowledge that you were fucking men every second of our relationship kills me inside."

"Oh Brad..."

"Shut up. It's my turn to talk. You fucked around on me. Every time, even on our wedding day! Do you hate me that much?"

Sheila broke down in tears as Brad's words cut deeper and deeper into her. She knew she had hurt him but never that much. In labored breaths between sobs she was able to get out, "I... don't... deserve... you."

"No you don't," agreed Brad grimly. "But I paid good money for a fucking honeymoon. So we're going to go on a trip and then we're going to fuck like rabbits. I figure you owe me that considering all the love, time, and effort I wasted on you. You certainly put out for less."

"Yes please," Sheila said quickly. If she couldn't have his love then fucking him would have to do, as long as she was with him.

"Then..." Brad sighed. He wanted to say so many things. Then you can go back to fucking your precious waiters. Then you can get the hell out of my life. Then you can die for all I care. But Lucy had talked to him, and he could feel the genuine pain in Sheila's voice. Everything she said, all her promises, she meant them. She really wanted to change and only be his. But he couldn't help thinking of her past, all those men, all that cheating. His jealousy. His longing. His hate. His love.

Brad sighed again. "Then we'll see."

This story's full title was going to be "Secret's of the Bride are Killing her Inside" that or "Lying Bride is Watching You."

Anyway, feedback is appreciated. Send comments to

[email protected]

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